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Corrado Zeller [12"]

Image of Corrado Zeller [12"]

10.00 - On Sale

« What to expect from a band called Mudbath? Just try and guess…utter entombement in heavy sonic slime. Mudbath hail from France, and really bring on the filth with a slow and ultra-bleak hammering of riffs that brings to mind the finest hour of early 2000’s American sludgecore: Bongzilla, early High on Fire, Asbesdosdeath, Noothgrush, Floodgate, Cavity, Damad, Nightstick and the such. Obvious hardcore roots, mostly recognizable in the vocals, blended with devoted and completely deviated Sabbath Worship have shaped the sound of this band to become a real fucking ordeal of slowed-down, mummiffied, corroded and hate-fueled sludge core heaviness… » — CVLT Nation

• First LP
• First press
• 450 copies
• Regular black wax
• Artwork by Flobath and Ben Sanair
• A4 insert